Examining How Tests Have Evolved: Should They Be Abolished?

You may end up in a mental hospital from all the stress and anxiety you’ve been feeling over your upcoming exams. Since he failed to learn anything from his lectures and was therefore unprepared for his tests, a medical student has taken to chewing pages from one of their recommended texts.

There are several reasons why exams should be scrapped in favor of more convenient and effective forms of assessment, such as:

1 – Infidelity

Due to the flawed educational system, students are now expected to resort to any methods, legal or otherwise, in order to go to the next level. There has always been an element of exam cheating, but with the advent of contemporary technology, it has become much more commonplace. Students might excel in one or two areas, but not all, leading to lower-than-average ratings across the board. Many kids find it challenging, while a select handful find it simple. We offer assistance to those who struggle to achieve satisfactory results in statistical testing. If you like, you may have us take my online statistics test for me.

2 No one should base their worth on how well they do in an exam

Paper alone cannot determine our collective future. Several prominent figures, like Edison, embraced this philosophy. If they had given tests more attention, none of them would have been as successful as they were. Hence, changes in the test system may be beneficial for some pupils.

3 Cause Irrelevance and Stress

A lot of people become nervous before timed tests. Not applicable to all students and tests. A sizable enough sample of test-takers, nonetheless. Despite the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere during testing, timed exams were nonetheless a source of anxiety.

No amount of calmness can help a worried mind absorb new information. Despite substantial data from the field of learning science, we in higher education have been unable to eradicate the myth that mild anxiety may really improve academic performance. Really, no.

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4 Exam results are not indicative of a student’s overall performance.

A student’s physical, mental, and social environments all have a role in how well they perform under pressure on test day. Thankfully, if you get sick with diarrhea in the middle of an exam, you won’t be offered a retake; your performance on the test will be determined solely by this factor, regardless of how smart you are or how hard you studied. The inherent unfairness of the system is thus exposed.

5 Unnecessarily impact students who require special education services

Most educational institutions are making every effort to accommodate students who have documented needs for exam accommodations. Students who were given special permission to stay after school in person should be granted the same accommodation for their online studies.


Our students will be expected to take on greater responsibility even in the best case scenario when they are asked to make use of the procedures in place to request extended test time. Extra time on exams seems like it would be more difficult to obtain in a distant learning environment.


6 Standardized exams don’t take individuality into consideration.

Standardized test takers come from all walks of life and have vastly different cultural upbringings, levels of English proficiency, learning styles, thought processes, and life experiences. A standardized test, on the other hand, treats everyone as though they are the same as the people who took the test in the past and against whom it is “normed.”

7 Wreck the Good Times

As kids, we are constantly reminded of the importance of doing well in school and graduating with honors. The phrase “school comes first” is one that is often repeated to youngsters by adults, emphasizing the importance of putting academics ahead of other interests and socializing. From an early age on, we are drilled into our heads that schoolwork is more important than finding what makes us happy.

Because people have varied ways of learning and remembering information, it can be difficult to assess how much knowledge a person actually has. The reliability of theoretical usage or practical application may be questioned, despite the fact that exams and tests are meant to be accurate measures of one’s knowledge. All forms of assessment, however, share the same negative impact on students’ mental and physical health and social lives. This is why we can observe the worldwide shift towards new assessment procedures.

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