Which Platform Would Be The Best To Teach Online Classes?

Since it is much evident from the fact that there are multiple platforms providing online class help and each one of these has its own distinctive attributes and hallmark which makes it better than other services.

However, tutors are responsible for selecting the ideal online learning environment that precisely satisfies their professional objectives. You should absolutely try and explore different platforms to generate an opinion regarding what is beneficial for you in the long run.

Some of the best online learning platforms for teachers are listed below:


  1. WizIQ


An easy-to-use interface and cloud-based software platform called WizIQ have made using a virtual classroom more desirable. No matter the distance, the platform enables teachers to create live classroom sessions with two-way communication, and real-time interactive sessions with their students.

Furthermore, WizIQ provides some exceptional features, including a digital hand-raising tool, a correlative whiteboard, analytics, and performance analysis reports for students. In case a student is absent or needs to review a lesson, teachers can preserve documents, recorded video and audio sessions, and other resources for them to feasibly access at any time.

Besides, it offers a 14-day free trial for the new user while being cost-effective for others at the same time.


  1. Blackboard Collaborate


This one is another widely used, browser-based online teaching platform that aims at sharing different learning experiences throughout.

With multiple features being served, the site also has a live chat function, online quizzes, an interactive whiteboard, a screen sharing function, real-time annotations, and text. Performance analysis reports of students are automated as well as they have the additional benefit of revising and reviewing the recorded lectures as they are preserved.

Also, Blackboard Collaborate offers a free trial that lasts for 30 days.


  1. Thinkific


If you want to quickly expand your audience, the site, which is home to over 35,000-course developers, is a smart choice. Additionally, Thinkific enables rich multimedia content, including films, tests, live chats, etc.


In terms of how simple it is to create course content, market it, and sell it to the proper customers, the platform is incredibly user-friendly for beginners. With the aid of this tool, you may brand each and every component of your course. It could be the first and foremost choice of the teachers.


  1. Learnyst


Since its emergence, Learnyst has worked tirelessly to develop a workable class-help online teaching platform that would enable thousands of online educators and coaching platforms to offer their students integrated active learning. It is one of the most comprehensive and robust channels available to instructors to facilitate them to craft their coursework from concept to completion. Tutors can upload course materials and use rich formats like quizzes and interactive movies to add some spirit to even the courses students run away from.

Once the lectures have been prepared, the designers can publish them on a site. For further convenience, they provide their users with a smartphone application too.

Further, the platform offers a forever-free plan, and also has been associated with more than 3 million users in total.


  1. Learn Cube


Crafted with lecturers’ and learners’ objectives in mind, Learn Cube is a web-shared virtual program that gives data transfer, two-way audio and video review, videoconferencing, real-time chat, whiteboard interactive sessions, hand raising and sharing queries and concerns, session archiving, and a variety of other features. One can devote more teaching and less effort to understanding how to operate online courses thanks to its user-friendly layout.

When it comes to price, the initial basic plan is free while the others are around $14/ month.


Prospects Of Online Teaching Platforms


  • Geographical constraints are eliminated since both students and instructors can work on their assignments as long as they have access to the internet.
  • Because there are many more teaching methodologies online, tutors can adapt sessions to individual learners or a group of learners who possess similar choices.
  • Platforms are more budget-friendly in the long haul because you’ll only be investing in the platforms directly. There would be no reason to replace several software programs.



Which Online Platform Do You Wish To Choose?

As mentioned and discussed above, every online teaching platform has its own uniqueness which differentiates one from another. Apart from the generic features some of them do have some exceptional features making them unique in their business. Some offer 14 days trial while others maybe extend them to 30 days as well. Since all of these are web-based platforms and you may only require good internet access with you to get them. Though the above-mentioned platforms are the best of all, you are free to take the opportunity to explore more for a better understanding.

Furthermore, if you need help with online classes we recommend you to get in touch with either Blackboard collaborate or Learn Cube as they are exceptional in their online teaching services.